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The Ultimate Spa Scent Anywhere You Go!

Sanitization is the new buzzword. It has become an essential part of our daily lives. With a growing need to stay protected and healthy, sanitization has become imperative. But, why not make sanitization an enjoyable experience? That's where air sanitizing comes into the picture.

Air is known as a bustling highway for germs to travel about. Consequently, it can sometimes get a little dusty and polluted. That's why taking the time to filter and sanitize the air becomes a crucial step in maintaining a healthy and fresh environment.

The Air Shield Sanitizing Concentrate is a range of botanically-infused sanitizing concentrate that protect you from germs while helping you relax and unwind. It offers a multitude of benefits – In addition to their antibacterial and antiviral properties, they also possess aromatherapeutic abilities, all while being free from phthalates, mineral oils, and parabens, which can potentially have adverse effects over time.

It’s also worth mentioning that we have 6 pleasing scents for you to choose from like Bloom, Harmony, White Tea, Forest Mint, Ginger Flower, and Meadow Field– Perfect for complementing your every mood! Each scent has a different effect on your mood and mind, let us break it down for you:

Bloom: If you’re in search of something subtly sweet and soft, then Bloom is for you. The aroma evokes feelings of wanderlust; this ethereal scent of white flowers pays an ode to elegance and femininity.

Harmony: It gives you that refreshed feeling where faint floral scent meets a surprising accord of zesty elements from grapefruit, lime and lemon. A tinge of the earthy and woodsy aroma of patchouli heart notes round up this invigorating fragrance.

White Tea: The infused white tea elevates your senses and offers a revitalizing scent that is both rejuvenating, herbal and crisp. This deeply aromatic scent is often used in the practice of aromatherapy due to its abilities to promote wellness and relieve stress as well as anxiety.

Forest Mint: It has a balance of refreshing mint, combined with woodsy notes and herbs, reminiscent of cruising through the thick forest and being welcomed by nature with a cool, crisp breeze.

Ginger Flower: A wonderful blend that begins with soothing leafy notes, followed by the soft, fruity undertone of ginger flower that diffuses harmoniously with natural citrus notes. Calming notes of wood and musk complete this delightful scent.

Meadow Field: It is a white floral fragrance enveloped with the freshness of green leaves. The gentle nuances of wild meadow leave an impression of carelessness, relaxation, silence, tranquility, and harmony.

In essence, the Air Shield Sanitizing Concentrate and its various scents offer an effortless way to stay protected while relaxing and unwinding. Bring serene scents wherever you go and pair it with V-Stop Airmosphere to create a peaceful environment at home or the office and make sanitization an enjoyable experience.

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