The next generation in intelligent cleaning.

Jmi Industrial Sanitizer (V-Stop Sanitizer)

J-Mi Sanitisation Robot

The next-generation industrial sanitizer / cleaner that removes viruses and bacteria without risk to human health.The J-MI Sanitisation Robot is an automated cleaning system that travels around your space to perform air and surface disinfection using ultrasonic atomisation.

With its intelligent navigation, obstacle detection, and automatic return to its charging station, you can trust the robot to independently carry out disinfection operations regularly and thoroughly.

Directions for use: Switch on and guide the robot around to map the floor area on the first use. Subsequently, set the cleaning schedule and the robot will follow it accordingly.

Product Features

Efficient Disinfection

J-Mi uses ultrasonic atomisation to disinfect the spaces, releasing a very fine mist that sanitises the surrounding air and surfaces. Suitable for all kinds of indoor environments.

Intelligent Automation

The robot is able to operate independently, navigating your space and disinfecting on its own with no need for manual programming. It even returns to its charging station after use and sends you an automatic disinfection report.

Safe and Reliable

Its ultra-quiet mechanism ensures that it cleans with minimal disruption to your workday. Set on a schedule, it regularly and thoroughly disinfects your environment for your peace of mind.

Jmi Specs Industrial Sanitizer (V-Stop Sanitizer)

Technical Parameters

  • Overall dimensions: L693mm x W490mm x H956
  • Driving mode: Differential Motion
  • Mobile Velocity: 0~0.5m/s
  • Endurance time: 5h for a Full Single Charge
  • Disinfection efficiency: 30 square metres
  • Reservoir Volume: 30L
  • Disinfectant: V-Stop Sterilizing Plus – Robot Use

Applicable Environments

• Hospitals • Laboratories • Schools • Offices • Hotels • Train Stations • Airports •

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