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Created in Singapore by Biocomm, V-Stop is a sanitizer brand, manufactured with cutting-edge German bioscience technology.

In the wake of the COVID-19 situation, and in anticipation of future pandemics, hand sanitizers and surface cleaners have become an essential everyday item. In light of this, V-Stop aims to provide skin-friendly and effective solutions to fight microbes in the long run.

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Protection for Your Home and Family

Safety is our highest priority. With long-term use in mind, Biocomm has created a range of products that not only kill viruses and bacteria but also protect and reinforce the skin barrier so that your body’s natural defences are enhanced. This is done by infusing our formula with plant extracts that soothe and nourish the skin, and ensuring our products are economical to give you the best value.

Your Partner for Corporate and Industrial Use

We recognise the need for effective, thorough solutions for organisational and industrial use. Our products were developed to the highest standards so they can be used even in areas with high contamination rates, such as research labs and hospitals.

These involve not only our laboratory-tested formula but also the use of artificial intelligence and technology in creating an effective cleaning solution. Companies can use our J-MI cleaning robot to disinfect areas without exposure or risk to human health, or the sterilising kiosk to ensure 360-degree protection for workers entering and leaving the area.

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Biocomm and Evonik (The Birth of V-Stop

Proud Partner of Evonik

Biocomm works hand-in-hand with Evonik, one of the world’s leading specialty chemical companies. As one of the top global suppliers of high quality raw materials, additives and active ingredients, Evonik’s products are of the highest quality.

Dr Felix Muller, PHD
Head of Knowledge Management
Consumer Specialities BU, Evonik AG,

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